Thinstone Veneer

Natural Thinstone Veneer

Natural stone has a unique beauty, with various shapes, sizes, profiles, and colors that only nature can provide. It is very durable, will not fade, and will hold up better to weathering as well as normal wear and tear. Natural stone is easy to clean, and there is no worry of defacing the product.

Manufactured Thinstone Veneer

Manufactured Thinstone Veneer began in the mid-20th century as a manufactured alternative to heavy natural stone. These composite masonry units are typically lighter in weight. Over the years manufactured stone has come a long way as companies developed better methods such as hand coloring each piece and casting their molds from actual stone units. Manufactured stone is also typically easier to work with as the stone has fewer irregularities and can be applied more quickly. It can also have more consistent coloring as well as be produced in many different color options and profiles.